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Tutka 1 rental yurt in the Kachemak Bay State Park

tutka bay 1

Rate: $75.00 a night (plus tax)

Check in: 12 PM (noon)

Check out: 2 PM

video walkthrough

Yurt Info:

Situated approx. 12 miles from the spit, on the north shore of Tutka Bay, Tutka 1 (the South Grace yurt) is about 100 yards from the drop-off on a rocky beach and is protected from breezes by the mature forest found in Tutka Bay. A solid gravel bottom provides good places to anchor your own boat. 

Suggested Trips:

This yurt is very close to the South Grace Ridge trailhead. Hike up easy switchbacks through the old growth forest, traverse the alder and grass transition zones, and find the alpine zone at about 1800 ft. There are spectacular views from the sharp ridges you encounter as you head north towards the summit of the ridge. Look for rock ptarmigan in the alpine areas, as well as mountain goats and marmot. Tutka Bay is also a perfect place to kayak, weather permitting. Head south-east to the head of the bay and look for beaches and coves exposed at low tide that will provide landing spots. Go north-west and just outside the mouth of Tutka Bay you’ll enter Little Tutka and find the Herring islands. You can also use the yurt as a starting place for a multi-day kayak trip heading up the bay. Plan your trip using yurts as dry destinations!

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