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Quarry Beach rental yurt in the Kachemak Bay State Park

quarry beach

Rate: $75.00 a night (plus tax)

Check in: 12 PM (noon)

Check out: 2 PM

video walkthrough

Yurt Info:

Quarry Beach is approx. 10 miles from the Homer harbor, on the opposite side of Tutka Point from Kayak Beach. Anchorage is not a concern at this site, due to the deep water. The yurt sits about 30 yards from the rocky shore that was historically used as a loading area for stones removed from a nearby quarry. This yurt is protected from the day breeze by Tutka Point.

Suggested Trips:

This is a great place to launch kayak trips to explore the more protected waters in Sadie Cove and around Hesketh and Yukon Islands. Low tide will expose shoals and beaches, and give you places to rest. The north end of the Grace Ridge hiking trail is easily accessible from this site. If you arrange ahead of time with your water taxi, you can make a quick stop at Quarry Beach, leave your camping gear at the yurt, return to the boat and get dropped in Tutka Bay at the South Grace trailhead. The hike from south to north on the Grace trail is one of the most beautiful day hikes in the park, with old growth forest near the water and outstanding alpine views as you climb towards the summit (approx. 3000 ft). Look for ptarmigan, marmot, and possibly mountain goats and black bear.

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