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Alaskan Yurt Rentals maintains eight yurts for nightly rental in the Kachemak Bay State Park and State Wilderness Park, Alaska. We also lease yurts to other locations for temporary or permanent use and provide booking services for select rentals. This site is also an informational tool for finding a variety of Nomad Shelter yurt rentals across the state. We think yurts are amazing structures and hope to share the enjoyment of staying a few nights in the round.

The Alaskan Nomad Shelter yurt is inspired by the traditional Ger or yurt design of the central Asian steppe nomadic herding people. The design includes a circular lattice frame and rafters supported by a central compression ring at the top. This design has been used by the central Asian people for thousands of years as primary residences due to their wind resistance and excellent snow strength while providing a light, warm, circular interior.​

For more information on Nomad Shelter yurts, click here.

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