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China Poot rental yurt in the Kachemak Bay State Park

china poot

Rate: $75.00 a night (plus tax)

Check in: 12 PM (noon)

Check out: 2 PM

video walkthrough

Yurt Info:

The China Poot yurt is about a 20 minute ride (~6 miles) from the harbor. It's tucked in to the back of the north side of the very shallow China Poot Bay, accessible when the tide provides a minimum of 8 ft of water for most boats to run on (check with your taxi operator about timing). The water adjacent to the yurt offers a good, sheltered anchorage for own-boaters.

Suggested Trips:

At minus tides, butter clams can be harvested in this area (with a fishing license). Check with Fish and Game for limits and regulations. You can also start a wonderful through hike from this site. Spend a night or two at the yurt, then hike the Coalition trail into Halibut Cove Lagoon where you can access the China Poot Lake trail. Walk this semi-forested trail past Two Loon Lake and over to China Poot Lake, where you'll find good campsites and decent fishing for rainbow trout. Follow the lake trail south to the junction of the Poot Peak north route, and the Woznesinski river trail. Hike the Woznesinski trail to the river flats and follow the braided glacial stream downriver to your pick-up at Haystack beach. You can make this hike as long as three or four days, or just walk it in two. It will offer you some seclusion and the chance to see moose and black bear, among other wildlife.

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