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Haystack Beach rental yurt in the Kachemak Bay State Park

haystack beach

Rate: $75.00 a night (plus tax)

Check in and out time: 12 PM (noon)

video walkthrough

Yurt Info:

This beach is a short ride south-east of the Homer spit, and due to the shallow approach, is tidally dependent for drop-offs. Check with your water taxi operator about timing your visit to ensure adequate water and avoid surf generated by the day breeze. There are anchorage restrictions in this area that are charted. The yurt is about 100 yards from the drop-off on a wooded ledge just above beach level. The Woznesinski River enters the bay approx. ¾ mile south of the site, and the beach it provides is composed of fine, black, glacial sand. Due to the relatively close proximity to the harbor, and the orientation of the beach at Haystack, expect to be able to hear large boat traffic and the sounds of the spit.

Suggested Trips:

A perfect place to start a multi-day hike upriver and over the small saddle to the China Poot Lake/Poot Peak valley. China Poot Lake has rainbow trout in fishable numbers, and the river is a lovely habitat for the moose that inhabit the general area. Finish up by hiking down to Halibut Cove Lagoon for your pick-up. The Woznesinski river is also an excellent stream to float for those who enjoy rafting. Arrange an air taxi drop-off in the impressive glacial amphitheater at the top of the drainage, explore the area, and float out the river to a prearranged pick-up by your water taxi.

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