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There has been increased bear activity in the park.  Please maintain a clean camp, and prepare/store trash in a manner that does not attract bears.  If the rangers inspect your camp, you may be fined $300 for improper handling of trash/food.

You can view the availability of all our yurts on one page. To view a specific yurts details you will have to go to that yurts page referenced in the navigation menu above.

On this page you can also book multiple yurts directly from each calendar. The booking process stays on this page and replaces only the specific calendar you are booking. This leaves all of the other calendars available to book a multi day/yurt trip.

$75 + tax per night.

Check in and out time:
12PM (noon)

Important!! Please come with the following:

Please leave the place like you would want to find it, swept out and with dry kindling by the stove. Pack all trash/food out with you when you go (The yurts, all bear buckets, boxes and containers are NOT trash receptacles). 

At a minimum all yurts will have the following: 4 sleeping platforms with pads, a bucket, a 5 gallon water container, a wood saw, a splitting maul, a broom and dust pan, a fire stove in the center of the yurt, a single propane burner (propane is not provided) and a bear proof food locker or hanging buckets away from the yurt.

We maintain the yurts as often as is possible, note that sometimes items have a way of disappearing so PLEASE BE PREPARED. Let us know if your yurt does not have the items just referenced.

If you are having difficulties booking or paying for a yurt rental CLICK HERE.

To book one night, double click on the desired date. To book multiple nights, click on the desired first and last dates.

Please note we use PayPal to process your payments, however you do not have to have a PayPal account, you can choose to pay by credit card. Once you have reached the first Paypal page in the payment process you will see two headings "Pay with my Paypal account" and "Don't have a PayPal account?" to pay by credit card choose "Don't have a Paypal account" and enter your information.

Once you have paid you will receive two confirmation emails. One confirming payment from Paypal and one confirming payment that includes your reservation details from Alaskan Yurt Rentals. If you do not receive the second email from us please check your spam folder, it will most likely be there.

Rates (May 15 - October 15): $77.25/night

Please note only click once on arrival date and departure date, it will not work if you double click.